How to Create a Virtual Fax

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Virtual fax is an alternative channeled through the Web, and more specifically, through the email service. You can easily send a fax to Gmail or receive them, thanks to the latest technologies. The advantages of using Internet fax are multiple, but to begin to review them, we should focus on two very important ones.

On the one hand, companies or individuals avoid fax machines, which are expensive and occupy a lot of space in offices. They often demand that an exclusive telephone line be assigned to them. Also, these machines use inputs or consumables that today are quite expensive and require periodic maintenance.

Another notable benefitinternet fax that this possibility of sending a fax online via email provides is that the delivery can be made from anywhere, as long as you have a device with a Web connection. So, we already know you can send a fax over the Internet, and you no longer need to print the document, scan it, or have a fax machine.

How to Create a Virtual Fax

When commenting on the above, it is natural that users ask a logical question: how to send a fax by email? Well, the surgery couldn’t be easier. The person will need to have an email account and log into their email provider. You can then proceed to create the text of the fax as if it were a conventional email.

The main difference will be that in the field where the email address of the person receiving the message is usually placed (that is, in the “to” field). You will have to put their fax number plus the at symbol (@), followed by the extension corresponding to the fax server service provider.

Some providers also ask that in the place where the “subject” is usually written, when sending online fax over the Internet, a security key (absolutely private) provided by the same fax server operator is placed. It is generally suggested that the documents attached to the virtual fax be in PDF format, which allows their quality to be maintained. Finally, after sending the online fax to the corresponding recipient, you will receive an email advising of the correct reception.

With these simpleonline fax steps, we have already described in a comprehensive way how to send a fax by email. We can note that the operation does not require any special knowledge. In this friendly and straightforward way, it is possible to send a fax over the Internet without making prints – which we know that, in addition to having a cost, are anti-ecological. Through the simple use of email, you can send and receive faxes from your computer, tablet, or mobile.…